What is your minimum order?

No order is too small! 

We work with all sizes of orders whether you require a few bags or multiple containers. However, shipping rates are most cost-effective when shipping a full pallet, particularly for international shipments.

Where do you deliver?

We work with well known reliable shippers, ocean carriers, and warehouses to ensure the safety of every shipment anywhere in the world. Wherever you are, we will work with you to find a shipping route and estimate costs and delivery times. We also keep track of shipments throughout the entire shipping process, from their departure from the mill at origin all the way through the warehouse receipt at destination. Container sales (FOB) will be shipped directly from origin.

How are your coffees packaged?

Our coffees are usually packaged in GrainPro liners inside traditional jute sacks. GrainPro liners are tough, multi-layer plastic bags which act as barriers to gas and moisture. Tests have shown the bags extend the colour, flavour and aroma life of coffee. The bags are usually 60kg and we can fit up to 10 per pallet.

Where are your warehouses ?

We have a warehouse in Antwerp, Belgium and a warehouse in Indonesia. Antwerp is one of the best warehouses in the world for coffee.

Do you sell “Spot” coffee in Europe?

Yes we hold a selection of coffees currently in our warehouse in Belgium ready for release. Please contact us for our current offer list. Many of our clients choose to place an order with us to purchase coffee in the future (buying “Forward”). We will guide you through your options and discuss what is best for you and your business.

What is a Forward Sale?

A forward sale is an order that reserves coffee for release at a determined delivery period in the future. Forward sales can either be fixed or unfixed. A fixed sale is comprised of an agreed-upon differential added to the current level of the C-market for the corresponding trading period. An unfixed sale is comprised of an agreed-upon differential that will be added to a level of the C-Market of the corresponding trading period at a time of your choosing (before first notice day of that trading period). Both give the buyer the ability to secure coffee types and market levels in advance.

Are your coffees Fair Trade ?

Yes, they are but farmers don't always pay for the FairTrade Logo. With our local language knowledge and understanding of local culture, we are able to work directly with the local farmers and our supply chain follows the principles of trust, transparency and integrity. To grow, finance, mill, export, transport, roast, distribute and prepare a cup of coffee, from point of origin to the cup, is a complex process requiring many different people and organisations with a variety of skill-sets and resources. By recognising this truth, it’s possible to agree to work together and to each take a profit, after costs, based on the real value of what you bring to the supply chain. Working together for a shared goal, with complete transparency, is what defines our ethical supply chain.

We will supply you with all the information on the farm of origin and we are happy to provide any additional information as requested, and work together to provide you the necessary marketing materials to help you keep your customers and staff knowledgeable on the farmers, and their coffees, that you are collaborating with.

Can I visit the farms where the coffees were grown?

You are welcome to visit at any time all year round. And most farms can host large groups and we can organise activities during your stay.

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact us directly !