Being coffee afficionados, all we needed was to meet one sustainable and fair trade plantation owner to convince us to start Javanusa. And from then on, all we hope is that we can share our love story with Indonesian coffees and farmers. We want to help transform coffee plantations into producing higher quality coffee beans. We want to help ensuring that farmers are better trained and can improve the processing from berries to beans so that they can improve their income and living conditions. 

In Europe, Indonesian coffee is not yet as popular as their African or Latin American counterparts. Most popular ones are probably the most established estates such as Gayo, Linthong, Toraja, Luwak and Mandheling (Mandailing). Let's admit it, most coffee experts that we casually chat with will say this: "Indonesian coffee is good only for blends". Of course there are indeed so many coffee varieties in Indonesia that you can easily make the perfect blend with Indonesian Robusta and Arabica. But there is also so many more interesting coffee profiles and varieties that still need to be discovered outside Indonesia.

With those motivations, we set up Javanusa to help the farmers in Indonesia market their coffee beans and at the same time trying to educate and familiarise the world with the greatness of Indonesian coffees. 

Javanusa delivers high quality Indonesian green coffee beans which ranges from Robusta to Arabica specialty beans (with grades based on Specialty Coffee Association of America--world's biggest specialty association).

We also organise tours to our coffee suppliers plantations that you can combine with trainings and certifications to become a barista, a Q-grader or a roaster. 

And of course with our commitment to improve the lives of the farmers, we work together with our partners to train the farmers in Indonesia and help plantation transformation into a high quality coffee producer.