We offer a wide range of coffees from Indonesia and thrive to constantly find new high quality standard coffees.

We want to make sure that we can offer you the best of Indonesian coffees. Although we specialise mainly in specialty beans (score min 83), we do not want to close the door to business opportunities for Indonesian farmers should you have any other specific requirements. We have helped our partners in sourcing for quality premium beans and--in some cases--also Robusta beans.

Here is our current offer of Arabica coffees:

- Sumatra Aceh Gayo

- Sumatra Mandheling

- Sulawesi Toraja

- Sulawesi Kalosi

- Enrakang, Toraja

- West Java Pasundan

- West Java Papandayan

- West Java Jajaka Peaberry

- West Java Luwak

- West Java Preanger

- West Java Malabar

- East Java Jampit

- East Java Kayumas

- East Java Blawan

- Bali Kintamani

- Flores Bajawa Manggarai


Here is our current offer of Robusta coffees:

- West Java Garut

- Sumatra Lampung

- Sulawesi Toraja