Javanusa founders are all based in the capital of Europe: Brussels, Belgium. 

Aki Baihaki
Aki is an IT Consultant for over 15 years educated in Singapore and The Netherlands. He's a travel addict and has lived and worked in Singapore, The Netherlands, Canada and now settles down in Belgium for the past eight years. Passion in coffee and the call to help the farmers have given him the idea to start Javanusa. He's also responsible for the technical part of the company. Aki speaks Indonesian, English, French, Dutch and (need brushing up) Japanese.

Sara Datuk
Sara has a journalist background and has experience in cocoa beans trading and wine trading. She is passionate about coffee and is familiar with most of Indonesia production regions. She takes the leading role in marketing and client relationship. She speaks Indonesian, English, Bulgarian and French. 

Bernardo da Costa Cabral Gaivao
Bernardo is a Comercial Engineer with a 10 Years experience in running a cafe business. His roles are to oversee operations and administration as well as strategic planning. He compliments the team with Portuguese language knowledge in addition to his English, French and Dutch language skills.